Total Practice Management for Accountants & Tax Professionals

Your go-to solution for tax and accounting professionals. From solo practitioners to large firms, we combine practice-management, service fulfillment, marketing and more to achieve additional residual revenue and increased success.

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We are the Best Accounting Software alternative, you handle the clients and we’ll fulfill the services.


Here are some of the services our exclusive
Outsourcing Center can handle for you:


The Only Accounting Software Company
That Also Offers Service-Fulfillment

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Let us manage the Bookkeeping and/or Payroll for your business clients while keeping complete control.

Sales Tax & Government Payments

Let us process your sales tax and other government payments each month We'll print , save, and upload your receipt and payment confirmation.

Tax Returns for Business & Individuals

For the first time ever, our Tax Professionals can help you prepare Business and Individual Tax Returns.

New Company Creations in All 50 States

We can create new companies in all 50 states and some offshore countries. From EIN to Operating Agreements, we do it all. We are the best alternative to other not all-in-one softwares such as TaxDome, Canopy, Karbon, Drake and Wolters Kluwer.

Get Your
Own Branded
Website And So Much More…

  • Firm Website in Multiple Languages
  • Website for Client Managers
  • Landing Pages for Digital Marketing
  • Phone, Form-Submission, Direct Chat + Chat GPT Optional Feature
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Reporting & Analytics
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File Cabinet

Easily store all your important documents and share them with your clients in just a click. Our secure and efficient File Cabinet Solution allows you to manage and organize your files effortlessly, ensuring quick access and seamless collaboration. Say goodbye to clutter and complicated file-sharing processes. With our solution, your documents are always just a click away, ready to be shared with clients whenever needed.

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Effortlessly reach out to all your clients and prospects with our seamless Email Integration. Our solution enables you to send personalized mailers, newsletters, and promotional campaigns with ease. Enhance your communication strategy, keep your audience engaged, and drive results with targeted email campaigns. With just a few clicks, you can manage your email outreach efficiently and effectively, ensuring your messages are delivered to the right people at the right time.

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Accounting Firm


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The Most Affordable & Powerful Cloud-Based Software For Accountants & Tax Professionals.

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The Software You’ve Always Dreamed Of for The Tax & Accounting Industry.

We are Connected! Fully Integrated: Xero Integration, File Cabinet Solution for Staff, Office and Clients, Client Portal, E-file Status Import, Sharepoint, Sign-Now, Sendgrid (Send Mailers on The Fly) and So Much More…

We Are Also Your Service Fulfillment Center

Let us help with your bookkeeping, your tax returns, your sales tax, payroll, incorporation in 50 states.

  • Sale Cycle

    Boost your sales with our Sale Cycle solution. Streamline your sales process and achieve better results with our efficient and effective system.

  • Franchise
    Your Brand

    Expand your business by franchising your brand. Onboard sales agents and set up your Calendar to grant Demo Meetings or Discovery Days to showcase your brand’s potential. We streamline the process, helping you grow your franchise network and maintain consistent brand representation.

  • Sales
    Agent Portal

    Sales Agent Portal You can offer a unique Sales Portal to each of your agents. This includes their own website! The leads will track the agent ID for you to identify commissions. This not only motivates your agents but also simplifies the management and allocation of commissions, ensuring transparency and fairness at all times.

  • CRM for Lead Tracking
    Lead Tracking

    CRM for Lead Tracking Your prospects will enter the software automatically! Just like magic, you will see leads coming in and you just need to approve them and follow up on them. Our advanced CRM simplifies the lead management process, allowing you to focus on converting opportunities into sales. With automation features, you can ensure that no lead is lost and maximize your conversion rates.