Investment Strategies for 2023 That You Should Know!

With the financial markets showing signs of strain and banks collapsing, we thought it would be a good time to compile a list of some of the best investment options for you. We’ve tried to focus on safer, less risky options that offer stable returns, as well as including a few that offer higher returns but are a little more volatile.  

This ensures a healthy mix of growth and safety.

So, our top five investments for 2023 are:

• High-yield Savings Accounts     

• Short-Term Certificates of Deposit     

• Series I Bonds     

• Short-Term Corporate Bond Funds     

• Dividend Stock Funds

1. If you’re risk averse, then park your cash in high-yield savings accounts and short-term certificates of deposit to avoid the risk of losing your money.

2. Series I Bonds are now an attractive option for risk-averse investors looking for a vehicle to protect their investments against inflation. You also have the added benefit of reduced risk of default.

3. Short-Term Corporate Bond Funds are another excellent option. If you’re a retiree looking for cash flow and want to reduce your overall portfolio risk, then this investment will offer a decent return.

4. Finally, Dividend Stock Funds provide a cash pay-out. They’re a great selection for almost any kind of stock investor, especially if you’re looking for regular income.

Savings Accounts

Short-Term Certificates 
of Deposit

Series I bonds

Short-Term Corporate 
Bond Funds

Stock Funds


Investments for Business Owners

• Short-term Bond Funds / Low-Risk / Medium Reward               

• Corporate Bond Funds / Low-Risk / Medium Reward               

• Large-Cap Mutual Funds / Medium Risk / High Reward               

• Small-Cap Mutual Funds / High-Risk / Very High Reward               

• REITs / High-Risk / High Reward               


Investments for Individuals

• Savings Account / Low-Risk / Low Reward    

• Short-Term CDs / Low-Risk / Low Reward    

• Series I Bonds / Low-Risk / Medium Reward    

• Short-Term Bond Funds / Low-Risk / Medium Reward    

• Dividend Stock Funds / Medium Risk / Medium Reward    

• Mid-Term Bond Funds / Medium Risk / High Reward    

• Large-Cap Mutual Funds / Medium Risk / High Reward    

• Small-Cap Mutual Funds / High-Risk / Very High Reward    

• Municipal Bond Funds / High-Risk / High Reward    



Mutual Funds


Municipal Bond Funds


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