Silver Plan – Affordable Monthly Bookkeeping

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a small business with a limited number of documents to process, you need a reliable system to keep track of your income and expenses. Regular monthly management accounts are a minimum requirement to help keep the IRS off your back as well as help you manage your business, Don’t let your bookkeeping get behind.    

*Includes 1 Bank Statement for up to 100 Transactions per month. 

Get Started for $200.00/month

Believe it or not, this includes a ton of great stuff for your business. Most importantly, you can finally understand your business by reviewing the numbers you’ve always wanted. Plus, you’ll always have an accounting firm by your side to answer all your tax related questions.    

Contact us today to learn more about our Silver Plan and how it could benefit you!      

How It Works

• Bookkeeping*                                  
• Sales and other State Tax Payment Processing                                  
• Business Consulting                                  
• Monthly Financial Statements and more delivered on LeafCloud – Your Tax Docs on the Go                                  
• For $50/month add Full Automatic Payroll to your Business with LeafPay                                  
• Discount for your end of year Tax Returns for your business, your family, and your employees